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Pumpkin Enzyme Facials

Pumpkin Enzyme Facials are a fabulous way to exfoliate the Skin using Pumpkin Enzymes and Vitamin A. Pumpkin Enzyme Facials are very effective at eliminating surface level dirt and oil. This exhilarating treatment breaks down dead skin particles to remove debris and actively exfoliate the skin leaving it bright with a luminous glow. 

pumpkin enzyme facial in charlotte ncThese “active enzymes” are extracted from the peel of the pumpkin, the inner Pumpkin filling, or seeds. These enzymes are helpful at breaking down dead skin particles that have settled on the face. The enzymes help to wash away other debris that may have settled on the face as well as dirt and oil.

Vitamin A causes the Skin to stimulate additional collagen production. It also stimulates cell regrowth in the skin as well, helping to ensure that your skin produces healthy looking new skin cells as quickly as possible.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facials are not only a great way to stimulate your skin but also a great way to stimulate the senses with its warm pumpkin aroma.

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