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Mole & Skin Tag Removal

The providers at University Dermatology offer the cosmetic removal of moles and skin tags (if they do not need to be removed for medical reasons).

If you are interested in removal of these lesions, many procedures and techniques are available. Moles are most commonly shaved off and the edges feathered out into the surrounding skin – creating minimal potential for scarring and maintaining the natural contours of your face or body.  If necessary, they can also be excised and sutured.

Skin tags are typically removed via scissor excision or electodessication, depending on their size, number, and location. 

All these procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. Healing and recovery times vary for each procedure, but they are relatively fast. The cost of treatment varies depending on the treatment type, the size and depth of the growths, as well as the number of lesions to be removed.

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