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Unwanted Veins? Try Sclerotherapy today!

Sclerotherapy Charlotte NC

Have Unwanted Veins? It’s a New Year, Celebrate your legs! We are offering $75.00 off Sclerotherapy for the month of January. Call 704.596.1787 to schedule an appointment or visit www.universityderm.com for more information!

Spider veins most commonly appear on the legs.  As we age, our existing veins can become much more noticeable as a result of standing for prolonged periods of time, sitting with crossed legs, problems with the valves in deeper veins, and most commonly – genetics.  There is a simple treatment for this problem.  Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes a sclerosing solution that when injected into a vein causes it to become inflamed, shrink down, and eventually disappear as a result of the body’s immune response.

Learn more about Sclerotherapy by viewing our services page: http://universityderm.com/sclerotherapy/

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